Friday, May 21, 2010

GO Seva

Cows have always been regarded as a holy being and Goddess in our tradition. In our own houses, not far beyond a generation or so, every home owned cows to procure milk for daily Abhishekam for Gods at home and for our household needs. As our lives became busier and more and more people moved to cities for occupation, having cows at our homes have become far from reality now-a-days. Unfortunately, in our holy nation, when these cows become old and stop giving milk, they are considered a burden and sent for slaughtering, the most sinful act.

Protection of Cows GoSamrakshanam has become the need of the day to revive the nation from the downfall from these sinful deeds and restore prosperity, peace and harmony. Towards this noble cause, a Gosala is functioning inside Sri Panduranga Bhajanashram premises. A unique feature of this Gosala is that the Cows are of Sri Brindhavan, Sri Govardhan, Sri Dwaraka origin and descendants of cows grazed by Lord Sri Krishna Himself. Hence this Gosala is rightly named Sri Gokulam. Devoted food, shelter, water, electricity and medical facilities are made available for this Gosala.

With close to 150 cows in this Gosala, the cost of food and other maintenance amounts to Rs. 7000 per day. Contribution of Rs. 3500 each from two devotees a day will meet this noble need. Bhakthas can also earmark their birthdays, anniversaries, remembrance days of their forefathers or any other special day and make them auspicious by donating Rs.3,500/- to participate in one day’s GoSamrakshanam for all these cows.

Bhakthas desirous of participating in this noble cause can also donate Rs.11,000/- per cow, the cost that attributes towards procuring and transporting one cow from Sri Brindavan, Sri Govardhan and Sri Dwaraka, do Go-Pooja and be the recipient of bountiful blessings of Sri Vittal Rukmini.

Devotees who are willing to participate are requested to send their contribution either by Cheque or DD favouring "SRI PANDURANGA CHARITIES - GO SAMRAKSHANAM A/C" and send it to the below address
{Previously Sri Panduranga Bhajanashram}
Dakshina Pandaripuram,
Kumbakonam - 612101


  1. I have visited this Gosala in Govindapuram panduranga bhajanashram. It is really a sight to see the way cows are maintained here. The highlights are that there is an exclusive vetinary clinic for this Gosala maintained by ashram,has clean and sanitized infrastructure and abundant space for grazing of the cows.The highlight is that the milk and milk products obtained are not used for any commercial purposes.

  2. Also there is a plan for expansion of exisiting Gosala.

  3. i have visit ur temple and ur gosala it very nice to see anna